Regent Brass make the World Rankings!!

For the first time, Regent Brass have appeared in the brass band world rankings.  The rankings were created a number of years ago to try and settle the age old issue of which band is the best, most consistent at contest, and to provide players with bragging ammunition for pre and post contest “discussions”.  One a serious note, they are used from time to time by some contest organisers when choosing which bands to invite to their contests.  The theory behind the rankings is, that if you do well in a contest, you are awarded points.  Over time, these points decay, so if you continue to do well, you will always appear at the top of the list.

Now, the points awarded varies from contest to contest, and from region to region and are subject to much debate in the band community.  Anecdotally, if a band is doing well in the rankings, they are universally approved by band members, if they are not doing so well, they are dismissed as being a farce. World Rankings March 2012 World Rankings March 2012

Of course, there is an alternative rankings system too, run by which we at Regent Brass much prefer, as we’re obviously ranked much higher! World Rankings March 2012 World Rankings March 2012

For more information on how the rankings are calculated, visit:-