Clearly some individuals within Regent Brass were anxious to get a weekend by the seaside – and what better place to go than Blackpool, especially with the annual British Open qualification contests in the next weeks?!

Regent’s MD, Alan Duguid, baritone player Steve Rongevær-Boother, and Emily Peart from our tuba team are all delighted to be assisting Aveley and Newham band at Blackpool in their performance of Hubert Bath’s classic, ‘Freedom’ which is the set test in the Senior Cup this season.

In addition to this – and always wanting to go one better! – Regent’s principal Euphonium, Sam Noden, will also be heading north to participate in Friary Brass’s performance of ‘Dynasty’ in the Grand Shield. Success at the Grand Shield could qualify Friary for the British Open, which would be an impressive addition onto Sam’s burgeoning musical CV.

Speaking about the extra work that Regent’s players are taking on, MD Alan Duguid said ‘It’s a mark of the quality around the stand that we have here at Regent that our players are being asked to help other bands at this prestigious contest. We hope obviously to re-qualify Regent Brass for the British Open series before too long but in the meantime, this opportunity will be a very valuable experience for our players.’

Regent Brass sends good wishes to Aveley and Newham Band in the Senior Cup, and Friary Brass in the Grand Shield, at the upcoming Blackpool event. In the meantime, our preparation for the World Music Finals in Kerkrade continues as we work towards fine tuning our programme performances.