Regent Brass and Regent Community Brass operate a core membership which will have vacancies from time to time. The list of current core vacancies can be found below. Please email us at or use the contact form below to find out more.

Regent Brass

Project-based membership

Regent Brass has a focus on projects (be it a traditional contest, a public performance or other artistic collaboration); if you are interested in playing with the band on this basis please contact us using the form below. Projects will consist of a number of rehearsals preceding the event.


  • Cornet (position negotiable)
  • Trombone (position negotiable)
  • EEb Tuba
  • BBb Tuba

Please note that, in the interest of maintaining a high standard, you may be asked to submit an example of your playing.

Regent Community Brass


  • Euphonium
  • BBb Tuba
  • Percussion

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