Below is a list of the core membership of the bands, though we do maintain an association with players for project-based work. For more details and, if you’re interested in playing with either band, please view our vacancies page and get in touch!

Regent Brass – September 2021

Soprano Cornet – Freddie Meyers
Principal Cornet – Peter Yarde Martin
Solo Cornet – Adam Large, Ben Russell, Ocean Cheung
Repiano Cornet – Adam Palczewski
2nd Cornet – David D’Costa, Natasha Fretwell
3rd Cornet – Ollie Pugh, Ian Hayes
Flugel Horn – Peter Desmond
Solo Horn – Neil Rossitter
1st Horn – Eldfrid Rongevær-Boother
2nd Horn – Stephen Carney
Solo Baritone – Steve Rongevær-Boother
2nd Baritone – Lisa Stonham
1st Trombone – Jacob
2nd Trombone – Zara Brooks
Bass Trombone – Dan J
Euphoniums – Sam Noden, Harry Weir
Eb Tuba – Tom Nickless, Emily Peart
Bb Tuba – Nathan Mansell, Liam James

Regent Community Brass

Soprano Cornet – Iain Campbell
Principal Cornet – Cath French
Solo Cornet – Felix Sulintan, Mark Jobling, Katie Lloyd-Thomas
Repiano Cornet – Mike Hurford
2nd Cornet – Adrian Bullock, Sam Abner, Lukas Scurtu
3rd Cornet – Angela Draper, Francisco Martin
Flugel Horn – Jill Rowlinson
Solo Horn – Abby Naylor
1st Horn – Leanne McFarlane
2nd Horn – Alastair Clements
1st Baritone – Duncan Alston
2nd Baritone – Steve Ward
1st Trombone – Tim Alston
2nd Trombone – Tricia Nicholson
Bass Trombone – Michal Kloucek
Euphonium – Cristina Davis, Vacancy
Eb Bass – Andrew Theophilos, Peter Clements
Bb Bass – Syd McGowan, Vacancy
Percussion – Vacancy

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